Slip & Fall

Experienced Las Vegas slip and fall attorney Howard Roitman has litigated over a thousand personal injury cases, fighting to maximize compensation for his clients and earning the respect of the peers in his field. Successful personal injury litigation demands aggressive counsel familiar with the rule of law, industry standards, and competent medical testimony. The Las Vegas Slip and Fall attorneys at Howard Roitman and Associates provide you with knowledgeable representation that respects your unique situation and individual needs.

Slip-and-fall accidents can result in extensive injuries causing serious pain and suffering. While these types of accidents are often seen as a source of comedy, such as slipping on a banana peel, the serious consequences of someone’s negligence in a Nevada business or home go beyond fleeting moments of embarrassment. To succeed in a slip and fall premise liability action in Nevada, one must prove that the defendant is 1) owns or controls the premises where the accident took place, 2) that the injured was a guest or visitor at the location, and 3) that there was negligence or a wrongful act.

Act Quickly Following The Accident

After an accident, there are many reasons not to delay in contacting an experienced Las Vegas slip and fall attorney. The conditions that led to your injury may be repaired or altered soon after the accident. Photographs of the premises taken near the time of the accident can provide the reliable proof needed to hold the owner liable. Witnesses who either saw the accident or the negligent state of the premises may also be able to provide a helpful account, if a statement is taken close to the time of the accident. Properties get straightened up and memories fade with time, so the longer it takes to obtain a statement or picture, the harder it will be to corroborate your version of events that led to the injury.

Whether or not you get compensated for your injuries in Nevada depends on whether you were invited on the premises or were a guest of someone who lives on the premises. If you were injured at a business like a grocery store or hair salon, then you were an invited guest and will be allowed to recover damages. If you were injured in an apartment complex, the relationship may be less clear. Public areas of an apartment complex may attract teenagers or children who were not specifically invited by an occupant. Trespassers are generally not able to recover unless the injured party is a child and there was an obvious dangerous problem that the owner should have seen and fixed. The Las Vegas slip and fall attorneys at Howard Roitman and Associates have experience handling complex premises liability cases, and know how to present your set of facts in the best light to obtain the compensation you deserve for your medical bills and other expenses.

Aggressive Litigators Serving Las Vegas and Other Areas of Nevada

Expert testimony can be crucial in a personal injury slip and fall case. Medical conditions may have existed prior to the accident, and it may be necessary to distinguish between the pre-existing condition and the ones caused by the slip and fall injury. An expert witness may also be necessary to describe the amount of care that is needed to treat a severe, sustained injury over the course of a lifetime or to describe how the specific conditions of the location of the accident created a precarious environment for patrons or guests.

The Nevada slip and fall lawyers of Howard Roitman and Associates want to take on the burden of recovering compensation for your injuries while you focus on your recovery. Our Las Vegas office has received awards and recognition for our accomplishments as personal injury attorneys, and we look to provide impassioned advocacy on your behalf. We apply the knowledge we’ve gained by litigating numerous personal injury claims and collaborate as necessary with the investigators and experts to best present your case. If you were injured in a slip and fall accident, call our office for a free, private consultation or contact us online.