Motorcycle Accidents

The Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Attorneys at Howard Roitman & Associates understand the nuances and intricacies of personal injury law. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident due to the negligent conduct of someone else, we can help you seek justice for your injuries. Our attorneys apply their extensive knowledge and experience to each individual case and its unique facts. We are committed to providing excellent legal representation for you so that you can recover the compensation to which the law entitles you.

Injured motorcyclists in Nevada can be compensated in a civil action if they show that their injuries were caused by the motorcycle accident, establish with relative certainty the amount of financial damages sustained, and prove that the other party is primarily responsible for the injuries.

Motorcyclists Deserve the Same Care and Attention as Other Vehicles

Motorcycle accidents tend to involve far more extensive injuries and fatalities than a car accident. Nevada riders are at far greater risk due to their smaller size, as drivers in automobiles either cannot see motorcyclists in their blind spot or simply do not think to look for others on the road who aren’t in a conventional automobile. Because the rider is shielded only by protective clothing and a helmet at most the injuries tend last longer and require greater medical care. Howard Roitman & Associates know how to evaluate and argue the extent of your injuries and the cost of care that will be needed to resume normalcy in your life.

Nevada’s Department of Motor Vehicles lists what is allowed when motorcyclists and drivers share the road. It is sometimes difficult for drivers to gauge the speed of an approaching motorcyclist, so they should exercise extra precaution. When a driver is changing lanes near a motorcyclist, merely using a signal is not enough. Careful observation to a motorcyclist’s body language is necessary to safely change lanes. A Nevada driver is also advised to slow down when approaching a motorcyclist from the back and dim the headlights (if in use), as a motorcyclist needs more space to balance and maneuver in case a correction is needed.

In determining damages for a personal injury case, a Nevada court will consider whether the injured plaintiff was also negligent in his or her behavior. The at-fault party must be found at least 50 percent negligent before the injured party can recover, and the recovery is diminished to the extent the injured’s negligence contributed to the injury. Establishing what happened on the road through witness testimony or accident reconstruction can help explain whether one party followed the other too closely or was driving while distracted. The experienced legal counsel at Howard Roitman and Associates have litigated numerous personal injury cases and know how to present evidence to maximize your compensation.

Sometimes Injuries Are Caused or Worsened By Poorly Made Products

In Nevada all motorcycle riders are required to wear a helmet. Helmets must either provide ¾ or full coverage and follow the U.S. Department of Transportation and Nevada’s standards. The fit must be snug and be free of cracks and other defects. Your motorcycle should have functioning headlight, taillight, and brake light; front and rear brakes; turn signals; horn; and two mirrors. If any of those items fail in the midst of your accident, despite your careful attention and maintenance, then the manufacturer could be at least partially liable for your injuries. Our skilled legal counsel can identify whether the evidence also points to faulty manufacturing, and will find the best witnesses to testify to the industry standard.

Nevada is seen as a state where one can let loose and have fun. While a city like Las Vegas provides lots of entertainment and new experiences to visitors from around the world, all must abide by the traffic and safety laws established by the Nevada legislature and courts. A severe motorcycle wreck leaves an impact on one’s finances and quality of life, and it is essential that the responsible parties be held accountable for their negligence. If you are seeking aggressive representation from attorneys who will fight for every penny you are entitled to, then contact the Las Vegas motorcycle accident attorneys at Howard Roitman & Associates by calling 702-631-5650 or using our online form for a free, private consultation.